Thursday, February 6, 2014

It Is February!

It is the month of love and kisses. I get so many kisses from my Mommy and Daddy all the time it is awesome. I am always cuddled and loved. Too bad I can't eat chocolate because I like it. No my Mommy or Daddy never gave it to me because you know dogs cannot have chocolate. But Mommy let me lick her fingers once after some Godiva and YUM!! I licked her fingers for a few minutes no kidding!

And this is a great winter. My first real winter. I love the snow and stay out and don't even realize how cold I am getting. I climb up on the snowbanks and sink in. Daddy had to save me a few times. I stick my nose right in the snow. Then I come in and Mommy has to grab me right away to clean me up and then I take off like I do after a bath and run around. I run around like a madman when I am wet. I do not know why. But it does helps me dry a little.

So while everyone is complaining about the snow, I am sitting here smiling and happy.

Mommy showed me Daddy's Valentine's Day card. Mainly because it is on the bed and I keep sniffing it. She had it specially made for Daddy. I do not want Daddy to see the card on this post so I will tell you about the card on 2/14.

Mommy has not been well again. So I am sitting with her and just being a good boy like I always am.

I am looking forward to more snow and then coming in and curling up in the blankets with Mommy or Daddy.

That is really all I have been up to. I am also happy because all the Christmas things are put away and I have my floor space and couches to jump on back.

It has been good since December.

Did I tell you I got bones, treats, a squeaky orange carrot and a multi-color monkey for Christmas? I was just playing with my carrot yesterday. I love all of my toys. I had the count last time I posted so you can add two to that. My favorite, which I have now, is my soft leopard ball. It looks like it will fall apart any minute but I know just how much to chew on it so I do not ruin it.

It is like my security blanket.

I hope everyone is well!

I go for a haircut next week. I need to I look like a little lion. I should post a picture. I will work on that.

Everyone be good! I hope to post some more.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Long TIme

It has been a long time since I blogged. I have been busy with holiday events and company plus shopping. I have also been helping my mommy with her blog.

I have to tell you Christmas is tough on me. Nothing is in its normal place. Mommy and Daddy put up decorations everywhere you look. It is beautiful. I like to sit and stare at anything that lights up. Especially on the banister there is a set of big lights and I sit on the step and just stare. Daddy laughs at me and asks me why. Because it is pretty and not up all year! Silly Daddy.

My couch that I like to jump and dig on is filled with special comforters in Christmas designs and BIG stuffed animals that take up all the room. That upsets me.

And the tree. I like to drink the water from the tree stand and I try to eat pine needles. I thought Mommy and Daddy knew that I was not going under the tree (they are afraid if it falls for some reason I will get crushed) but the pine needles in my ears gave me away.

I got some really cool gifts for Christmas and I hope you all did too. I got long thin bones and short fat bones, treats for when I am a good boy (which is always), a cool multi-color monkey and an orange fluffy carrot squeaky toy.

I loved watching everyone open their presents. I sniffed everything.

I am sad because Daddy is going back to work tomorrow. But it is okay, Mommy will still be here.

So all in all it was a nice Holiday season and I am happy.

I hope to blog more. It is hard because I have to share the laptop with Mommy and her bookblog is taking off so well she needs a lot of time to spend on it.

I want to thank my 10 followers. I just found out today. That makes me wag my tail.

I know it is a few hours away but I want to wish everybody -

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Poker Night!

I am so happy! Daddy is having poker night tonight. Mommy plays usually but she is not feeling well. But Mommy helped Daddy finish decorating the house for our guests. Daddy and Mommy and me when it got dark put the outside lights on and I got to look at the house (Daddy carried me out and held me. It was cold out!). They took me out last year too to see the decorations but some things broke so Daddy went out today to get a big light up reindeer and some light sets. And we have a Snoopy (my friend! I have a famous friend!) who is dressed like the Red Baron sitting on top of his house. But he will not light up. Snoopy is my Mommy's favorite so Daddy will be scouring the area for a new Snoopy. But I love the lights. As a matter of fact, instead of leaving lights on at night, Daddy put motion lights on our stairs. Sometimes I just lay in front of the light on the stair to it will light up.

Daddys's friends are cool! They love to pet me and play with me. I love when they come over. I know the dog that lived her before me, or so I have heard, you had to be careful of. She nipped sometimes and growled even though she knew the boys. Weird huh? Me? I would not hurt a fly. In fact, Mommy and Daddy laugh at me because in the summer sometimes you get a bug in the house. I see one maybe on the floor and do not eat him or hurt him like Mommy and Daddy say other dogs do. I just study him and see where he is going. Or she. Study he or she to see what this creature is all about.

But I was so happy to see all of Daddy's friends. Like I said the other day, this is a great time of year people popping in and out and lots of love and pets for me.

Everyone should be over next week again. I hope I can play. Texas Holdem seems fun and if you explain it to me, I am sure I can get it!

Kisses to you all!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Almost Daddy's Vacation!

On the Mommy front, she is downstairs today but still not feeling well. I have to take good care of her. I am also editing for her today. (I am on the arm of the rocker while her laptop is on her lap). I keep getting elbowed but then I get kisses. I am just trying to be a good editor.

The OUTSIDE decorations are inside. It has been very windy out for a few days. My Mommy said to my Daddy that I may get blown away because I am so little. YIKES! I hope not. I know Mommy and Daddy watch me when they let me out.

Daddy said it is still going to be very windy and that the outside decorations will go up on Thursday the day before he is off for five weeks. And the inside decorations are almost done. Basically I have nowhere to lay there is so much Christmas stuff around!

So I told you already how Daddy being off messes up my schedule. Well I will do my usual and pretend it is just his regular days off for a few days. When it hits me he is home for 5 weeks, I will still be with Mommy 80% of the time. I never know about Mommy so I spend time with her.

But Mommy is very happy Daddy is off for 5 weeks and I know Daddy will be playing a lot of ball with me and tackling me a lot. And we will all go for a walk. And Mommy and Daddy do not go anywhere they may do something local so no Kennel for me. Gramma would watch me anyway if that were the case so either way, no kennel.

And a lot of people will be over the house over the next 5 weeks so that is a lot of love and petting. Especially my Nephew Logan who is 6. He loves to chase me and I love to be chased.

So I am getting ready but you can't tell for Christmas. Somebody has to take me to the pet store so I can buy gifts for everyone. I hope they don't wait to long. I hate last minute shopping.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Am A Happy Puppy!!

My Mommy has been sick.

And I am sad and I kiss her and lay next to her. But this means for me she is not busy and I get to sleep with her all day long! And I get to climb on her legs and her head and lick her hand for 5 minutes (I can tell time! I know how long a football game is!)

So I have been busy with my Mommy. She needs me. And I need her.

I cannot wait to tell you about how we have decorated for Christmas and how I helped! Daddy says I did not really help but Mommy says I did!

So I am laying here, all stretched out on my fleece purple blanket next to Mommy. When she gets up, so do I. But she is sleeping a lot. She has Multiple Sclerosis and when it is bad, she sleeps a lot. But she will be better soon. She always is.

Plus we played with my ball today so she is a little better.

I hope to tell you all about the words I know and the leaves I have been playing in really soon!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Decorating for Christmas

Wow! It is that time of year again. Everything is coming out of that little crawlspace at the top of the stairs. There is no where for all 7 pounds of me to walk and Mommy and Daddy have things all over my couches that I cannot play with. And I cannot jump on the couches either like I like to do.

I get underfoot a lot but I have to see what they are doing!

I do know that some nice music is going to be played, and Mommy and Daddy work really hard on this. When they are on the inside, it looks like an episode of Hoarders Christmas Edition. But these all of the decorations are special to Mommy and Daddy because they have been building up their decorations for 13 years. And each has a place. It always looks nice and homey not messy and thrown up.

They go outside too for the outside decorations. They used to tie me to the fence and use a very long leash so I could join them but now Daddy took the fence down so the decorations can be seen clearly. So I stay inside and bark and cry a little. Mommy keeps coming in to tell me everything is okay. Sometimes if Daddy is doing something and does not need help, Mommy will pick me up and hold me and take me out to look at the pretty lights.

This time of year coming up is great because Daddy is home from the day after Thanksgiving until 1/2/14. He plays with me a lot, Mommy, Daddy and me take walks. All kinds of people drop by constantly. And there is always food, and crumbs :)

Mommy already told me she is getting me a Christmas outfit and taking out my winter coat and she will be taking pictures that will be put here. I like to get dressed up. But honestly, a simple bandanna will do.

I will have much more to tell you in the days to come.

(I think I am related to him!)