Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Am A Happy Puppy!!

My Mommy has been sick.

And I am sad and I kiss her and lay next to her. But this means for me she is not busy and I get to sleep with her all day long! And I get to climb on her legs and her head and lick her hand for 5 minutes (I can tell time! I know how long a football game is!)

So I have been busy with my Mommy. She needs me. And I need her.

I cannot wait to tell you about how we have decorated for Christmas and how I helped! Daddy says I did not really help but Mommy says I did!

So I am laying here, all stretched out on my fleece purple blanket next to Mommy. When she gets up, so do I. But she is sleeping a lot. She has Multiple Sclerosis and when it is bad, she sleeps a lot. But she will be better soon. She always is.

Plus we played with my ball today so she is a little better.

I hope to tell you all about the words I know and the leaves I have been playing in really soon!!