Friday, November 1, 2013


My Mommy says I am famous now. I do not know what that means. She told Daddy and Grandma all about it. She showed me something on her laptop. I do not know what it is. I lick it. I am bored.

Mommy said people I do not know have seen me. I do not understand that.

I just do what I do! Be a good boy, play, eat, sleep with Mommy or Daddy, run in the backyard, go for walks, sleep in my little blue fuzzy bed, sit on Mommy or Daddy's lap in the rocking chair, or on the couch between them when they pull it out on Daddy's days off.

My Mommy wants me to tell you if you have stopped by here, to look at what she is writing about me, and I see her doing that, and comment. That would make my Mommy happy. And if she is happy, so am I!!!

I promise you fame will not change me! I am not a spoiled rich dog. I am just me. And the best dog I can be.

My Toys

I have 23 toys. And I know all of their names. They are all over the house. But Grandma brought me a little bed to keep all my toys in. Every day Daddy puts all the toys in at night. But I have some I have to have with me at bedtime like my first soft squeaky leopard ball or my new blue squeaky octopus. I have a Snoopy, a squirrel, a doggie, a duck, and more. I have my favorites and I do leave them all over the house. I try to take them outside but Mommy makes me put them down before I go out the door. Thank goodness they are still there when I come in! I love to play fetch inside and outside. Sometimes I just drag every single toy out. Mommy asks me why. Because it's fun!

If I really want to play, I start throwing my toys around. And bark at Mommy or Daddy. Mommy plays fetch with me and some rough-housing. I go easy on her.

Daddy and I play a great game. He gets a big blanket and all my toys and scoops them up and grabs me and buries me under all of it. I get crazy when he does that! Daddy and I wrestle. I bite him gently and maybe growl but not much. I pretend I am boxing him. I just throw myself into him and paw at him.

One of my favorite things to do is come just close enough with my toy so Mommy or Daddy cannot reach it...then I walk backwards as they reach for it. I want them to get up and chase me sometimes.

I think Mommy is going to try to teach me to put my toys away. I heard some talk.

She trips over them a lot and says words I do not know the meaning of, but she uses the same 3 or 4 words when she trips over my toys.

Of all my toys, the toy I came to my new home with is my favorite, My soft leopard ball. It is worn. I chew it but have learned to not make a hole in it. I use it as a pillow when I sleep on my stomach and I throw it around when I am hungry or have to go out. I hold it in my mouth like Mommy said a baby holds a pacifier. It is in all reality a little big for me but I open my mouth over a corner and law there with it. It get a lot of slobber on it. Yeah!!!

My toys are very special to me. I love when I get new ones. I have big squirrels and I have three of them. But Grandma recently got me a small squirrel that is really soft. It is my new favorite. It can be found at various places around the house.

I never get my toys taken away because I am a good boy. Plus I do not think my Mommy or Daddy would do that no matter how bad I was.

I love my toys. And I know where any given one is at anytime. I will go all the way up both staircases to get a toy. I may get told to put a lot of things down, but not my toys, those are all mine.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween. My Mommy loves Halloween. I hear her and Daddy talk about how things were different when they were little and many more little kids trick or treated. I know I cannot have chocolate because it is bad for me but Mommy made the mistake of dropping and M $ M or something here and there. Usually she gets to it first and right away, but I have found one or two. Mommy has seen me eat them and then Mommy had a long talk with me about how dangerous it is. Especially to a little dog like me. I will try to to remember that when I see one drop.

I like this day because every time someone knocks on the door, Mommy scoops me up and I see a bunch of children who love to pet me. Mommy gives them candy and they pet me and make a fuss over me.

This year is different I am a little sad. Mommy was gone for a while yesterday and I cried. When she came home, Grandma was with her. Mommy had a big bandage on her neck and would not pick me up. I was told, by Mommy herself and Grandma, "Mommy has a boo-boo". Or sometimes they told me again "Mommy has an ouchie" I know this means mommy is hurting or got hurt. So Grandma took care of me but mostly I spent yesterday laying in Mommy's lap, looking at her from time to time to make sure she was okay. Then at 8:30p Grandma left and I followed Mommy upstairs to bed. Mommy was tired and so was I. Worrying about my Mommy makes me really tired!!

Today, I barked a lot to let Mommy know people were around. I am getting told a lot by Mommy in a loud voice to stop barking. I think because Mommy does not feel good. People are walking by but they are also coming and knocking on our door. I KNOW I have to let Mommy know someone is there because it could be Aunt Yvette, or it could be the UPS guy, but it could be a bad stranger.

But instead of petting this year Mommy keeps putting me in the wash room when there is a knock on the door. I guess she cannot pick up even 7 pounds. Probably because of her boo-boo.

But do not be sad for me! Daddy will be home soon. I get to sleep by Mommy. And get extra love later. Mommy already did something I do not think she was supposed to do and picked me up in the kitchen, told me what a good boy I was and how much she loved me. She showered me with kisses. I just leaned into her.

I am on a big fluffy blanket by her feet now. On guard because it is dark and the front door is partially open. I cannot sleep until Daddy gets home or Mommy locks that door. Even then I will be on guard with all of the activity today.

I did not get to wear my Halloween shirt either. Well that is okay too because there is always next year!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Mommy is Sick

My Mommy is sick.

I know because of how much she is sleeping. My Mommy never sleeps. Plus she keeps drinking this blue liquid that, when I sniff her breath, I do not like what I smell. It is certainly no good food.

So instead of my usual busy schedule, I will just be sleeping with Mommy, making sure she is okay.

She has been asleep since 10pm last night. Except for the time she woke up at 3:30am. I had snuck into sleep with Daddy while Mommy was alseep. Daddy snores so he sleeps in another room from Mommy. I do not mind the snoring so much. I do not even mind fireworks. Mommy said that is unusual. But I am like no other dog. So I was with Daddy. Daddy has the big bed so all 7 pounds of me can stretch out good!! Mommy's bed, although big, is not big enough for me. So Mommy got up to use the bathroom at 3:30am. I followed her as I always do. Sometimes she is really tired and closes her eyes and I bark. Then she opens them. I know how long she is supposed to be in there. I have to really watch our for my mommy.

I came back to sleep with Mommy after that. But I was not ready to sleep, Mommy got a snack. I was hoping for some but this time, did not get even a nibble. It was cheese too. One of my favorites. But if it was a banana, that would have been a different story. I cannot even see a banana without freaking out. I will tell you about that another time. Mommy snacked and slept. She slept all morning and up until 1:30pm. I went to see Daddy because I had to go outside. And I was hungry. But Mommy needed me. So I just went back upstairs. She is asleep but I know she needs me, and I have to be on guard, and me being here makes her feel better. She has told me that it makes her feel better.

I followed Mommy down for a light breakfast, again none for me. Then she sat in the rocking chair I thought we were sitting downstairs which I love but she just turned on the television, and then pressed some buttons, then shut it off. I know that noise of the television shutting off and know that means we are done in that room.

So here I am back in bed with Mommy. She was on her laptop and I knew she needed me so I get in the small space between her and the computer and sit there. Mommy stops typing, and grabs me and gives me a big hug and a kiss and asks me what I am doing. Duh mom! I am taking care of you. I show her so by licking her wrist for a about 2 minutes. She just pets me while I give her get better kisses. Then I am suddenly tired. I take go to the foot of the bed by Mommy's feet and stretch out. Mommy will probably go back to sleep. I will bark later to wake her up when I am hungry.

I hope my Mommy gets better soon so we can play!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Christmas Scratchoff

Today is Daddy's day off. But I really do not adjust my schedule. There is Mommy time and Daddy time. Mommy time is most of the time. Daddy time is when he comes home from work and when I want to play at midnight, and sometimes in the backyard, as long as the lawnmower is not on. I am not afraid of it, it just takes attention away from me.

So I was taking a nap with Mommy, Daddy ran an errand for Mommy that took a long time. As far as I knew, he was at work.

So Mommy does not feel well today. Even I know that. So I am as close to her as I can possibly get because I know that helps her. Then Daddy comes home and I greet him. He scoops me up to say hello. We get the mail together. We do that every day. Then he put me on the floor and walked upstairs where Mommy was in bed. Daddy ruins things a lot, like my naps, Mommy time. Today, Daddy had a magazine, and a quarter, and those things, I think they are called scratch off tickets. I peek sometimes when Daddy does them on the snack tray. Mommy sometimes does them in the bed but I do not pay attention.

So Mommy is sitting Indian style on the bed. Daddy is kneeling next to her on the floor to look. Mommy puts the magazine on the bed and the thing that they scratch on that, when I sniff, I get pushed gently away. Mommy starts scratching the quarter on the shiny Christmas looking ticket Daddy brought home.

Well, this was a long one. So since the ticket was on top of the magazine which was on top of the blanket, and no one was paying attention to me, I took my nose and started tunneling my way under the blanket. Then I started digging on the sheets and Mommy said "Look at what Nino is doing, I do not think he is happy" Ya think Mom? Then I looked right into Daddys left ear. He did not notice me. Then I walked over the magazine and ticket which drew a "Nino!" and sat behind mommy. That also got no real attention. So I walked back though the same path.

Then mommy tapped the ticket in the garbage that I get gently reminded to keep my nose out of. And Daddy took the magazine, ticket, and quarter and left.

Thank goodness. I settled in by Mommy's feet and stretched out. I gave her a backwards look to make sure she was staying there. Because if she moves or puts her feet on the floor, I am up! Ready to go!

I hate scratch offs!!!

Eating with Nino

My mommy gives me wet dog food. She tried to wean me off of it by mixing in dry food but no dice. I can pick around the dry food and leave it on the plate. And I do.

My mommy took a while to get it, but this is how I like my food - Wet food first. And she talks to me when I am eating! Why? I do not get the fuss. Just because I like to bring it over to the throw rug and eat it. It tastes better that way, doesn't she understand? Maybe if she tasted it.

And put leave my dry food bowldown! That I sneak and eat when you are not looking. That is why I put on 4 pounds.

And you still, when you catch me on the rare occasion I am really hungry, you shake your head. Don't you know the dry food only tastes good after I drop it in Daddy's slippers? I need that flavor. Thank goodness even in the summer Daddy leaves his slippers by the back door in the kitchen or I do not know where I would go with my dry food to eat it!

It tastes so good right fresh out of Daddy's slipper. Yum!

Mommy always seems surprised when I eat. Probably because I like to play games. One day I may not eat at all. The next day I am hungry all day long.

I like when she sits at the table while I eat. When she gets up she does not understand I am her guardian I have to see where she is going. But I am nosy too, do not tell anyone. If I had something to say I would say eat with me Mommy but don't look at me. And don't keep getting up and down while I am eating. And you can always give me whatever is on your plate :)