Friday, November 1, 2013


My Mommy says I am famous now. I do not know what that means. She told Daddy and Grandma all about it. She showed me something on her laptop. I do not know what it is. I lick it. I am bored.

Mommy said people I do not know have seen me. I do not understand that.

I just do what I do! Be a good boy, play, eat, sleep with Mommy or Daddy, run in the backyard, go for walks, sleep in my little blue fuzzy bed, sit on Mommy or Daddy's lap in the rocking chair, or on the couch between them when they pull it out on Daddy's days off.

My Mommy wants me to tell you if you have stopped by here, to look at what she is writing about me, and I see her doing that, and comment. That would make my Mommy happy. And if she is happy, so am I!!!

I promise you fame will not change me! I am not a spoiled rich dog. I am just me. And the best dog I can be.

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