Friday, November 1, 2013

My Toys

I have 23 toys. And I know all of their names. They are all over the house. But Grandma brought me a little bed to keep all my toys in. Every day Daddy puts all the toys in at night. But I have some I have to have with me at bedtime like my first soft squeaky leopard ball or my new blue squeaky octopus. I have a Snoopy, a squirrel, a doggie, a duck, and more. I have my favorites and I do leave them all over the house. I try to take them outside but Mommy makes me put them down before I go out the door. Thank goodness they are still there when I come in! I love to play fetch inside and outside. Sometimes I just drag every single toy out. Mommy asks me why. Because it's fun!

If I really want to play, I start throwing my toys around. And bark at Mommy or Daddy. Mommy plays fetch with me and some rough-housing. I go easy on her.

Daddy and I play a great game. He gets a big blanket and all my toys and scoops them up and grabs me and buries me under all of it. I get crazy when he does that! Daddy and I wrestle. I bite him gently and maybe growl but not much. I pretend I am boxing him. I just throw myself into him and paw at him.

One of my favorite things to do is come just close enough with my toy so Mommy or Daddy cannot reach it...then I walk backwards as they reach for it. I want them to get up and chase me sometimes.

I think Mommy is going to try to teach me to put my toys away. I heard some talk.

She trips over them a lot and says words I do not know the meaning of, but she uses the same 3 or 4 words when she trips over my toys.

Of all my toys, the toy I came to my new home with is my favorite, My soft leopard ball. It is worn. I chew it but have learned to not make a hole in it. I use it as a pillow when I sleep on my stomach and I throw it around when I am hungry or have to go out. I hold it in my mouth like Mommy said a baby holds a pacifier. It is in all reality a little big for me but I open my mouth over a corner and law there with it. It get a lot of slobber on it. Yeah!!!

My toys are very special to me. I love when I get new ones. I have big squirrels and I have three of them. But Grandma recently got me a small squirrel that is really soft. It is my new favorite. It can be found at various places around the house.

I never get my toys taken away because I am a good boy. Plus I do not think my Mommy or Daddy would do that no matter how bad I was.

I love my toys. And I know where any given one is at anytime. I will go all the way up both staircases to get a toy. I may get told to put a lot of things down, but not my toys, those are all mine.


  1. Haha good luck!! I've had several dogs that I could train to do anything - EXCEPT put their toys away. Well, one put them under the couch - does that count? The squeaker part of any toy was also his favorites - would take the squeakers out WITHOUT ruining the toy and walk around biting on the squeaker. The first time we were like "What the...?"

    Cute post. I like hearing about him. He's adorable. :)

  2. HA! under the couch that is funny. Yeah that counts! omg my dog tries to get the squeakers out first thing! We try to keep an eye on him. Then sometimes he acts confused like he does not know if it is a long toy what end the squeaker is on, or we squeak it for him then he takes it, then is right there...just 1mm away from getting it to squeak and looks at us like "What the heck?" I am glad you are liking the post. He does something everyday. He did not do anything today lol! But I have something funny for tomorrow. Thank you again he is my companion. He knows when I am ill and comes and snuggles with me or licks me. He just totally adjusts himself to me. I want everyone to know my little Nino! :)