Monday, October 28, 2013

The Christmas Scratchoff

Today is Daddy's day off. But I really do not adjust my schedule. There is Mommy time and Daddy time. Mommy time is most of the time. Daddy time is when he comes home from work and when I want to play at midnight, and sometimes in the backyard, as long as the lawnmower is not on. I am not afraid of it, it just takes attention away from me.

So I was taking a nap with Mommy, Daddy ran an errand for Mommy that took a long time. As far as I knew, he was at work.

So Mommy does not feel well today. Even I know that. So I am as close to her as I can possibly get because I know that helps her. Then Daddy comes home and I greet him. He scoops me up to say hello. We get the mail together. We do that every day. Then he put me on the floor and walked upstairs where Mommy was in bed. Daddy ruins things a lot, like my naps, Mommy time. Today, Daddy had a magazine, and a quarter, and those things, I think they are called scratch off tickets. I peek sometimes when Daddy does them on the snack tray. Mommy sometimes does them in the bed but I do not pay attention.

So Mommy is sitting Indian style on the bed. Daddy is kneeling next to her on the floor to look. Mommy puts the magazine on the bed and the thing that they scratch on that, when I sniff, I get pushed gently away. Mommy starts scratching the quarter on the shiny Christmas looking ticket Daddy brought home.

Well, this was a long one. So since the ticket was on top of the magazine which was on top of the blanket, and no one was paying attention to me, I took my nose and started tunneling my way under the blanket. Then I started digging on the sheets and Mommy said "Look at what Nino is doing, I do not think he is happy" Ya think Mom? Then I looked right into Daddys left ear. He did not notice me. Then I walked over the magazine and ticket which drew a "Nino!" and sat behind mommy. That also got no real attention. So I walked back though the same path.

Then mommy tapped the ticket in the garbage that I get gently reminded to keep my nose out of. And Daddy took the magazine, ticket, and quarter and left.

Thank goodness. I settled in by Mommy's feet and stretched out. I gave her a backwards look to make sure she was staying there. Because if she moves or puts her feet on the floor, I am up! Ready to go!

I hate scratch offs!!!


  1. That's cute. Poor Nino.

    My cat does the tunneling under the blanket thing, especially when I'm making the bed with freshly cleaned sheets and blanket.

  2. HA! First poor Nino my foot. He has to be the center of attention. Its so funny. Yes! what is that? Nino hates when I make the bed. You have to love them!