Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween. My Mommy loves Halloween. I hear her and Daddy talk about how things were different when they were little and many more little kids trick or treated. I know I cannot have chocolate because it is bad for me but Mommy made the mistake of dropping and M $ M or something here and there. Usually she gets to it first and right away, but I have found one or two. Mommy has seen me eat them and then Mommy had a long talk with me about how dangerous it is. Especially to a little dog like me. I will try to to remember that when I see one drop.

I like this day because every time someone knocks on the door, Mommy scoops me up and I see a bunch of children who love to pet me. Mommy gives them candy and they pet me and make a fuss over me.

This year is different I am a little sad. Mommy was gone for a while yesterday and I cried. When she came home, Grandma was with her. Mommy had a big bandage on her neck and would not pick me up. I was told, by Mommy herself and Grandma, "Mommy has a boo-boo". Or sometimes they told me again "Mommy has an ouchie" I know this means mommy is hurting or got hurt. So Grandma took care of me but mostly I spent yesterday laying in Mommy's lap, looking at her from time to time to make sure she was okay. Then at 8:30p Grandma left and I followed Mommy upstairs to bed. Mommy was tired and so was I. Worrying about my Mommy makes me really tired!!

Today, I barked a lot to let Mommy know people were around. I am getting told a lot by Mommy in a loud voice to stop barking. I think because Mommy does not feel good. People are walking by but they are also coming and knocking on our door. I KNOW I have to let Mommy know someone is there because it could be Aunt Yvette, or it could be the UPS guy, but it could be a bad stranger.

But instead of petting this year Mommy keeps putting me in the wash room when there is a knock on the door. I guess she cannot pick up even 7 pounds. Probably because of her boo-boo.

But do not be sad for me! Daddy will be home soon. I get to sleep by Mommy. And get extra love later. Mommy already did something I do not think she was supposed to do and picked me up in the kitchen, told me what a good boy I was and how much she loved me. She showered me with kisses. I just leaned into her.

I am on a big fluffy blanket by her feet now. On guard because it is dark and the front door is partially open. I cannot sleep until Daddy gets home or Mommy locks that door. Even then I will be on guard with all of the activity today.

I did not get to wear my Halloween shirt either. Well that is okay too because there is always next year!



  1. thanks. He was good. He wont let me take pics he wants to sniff the camera or sit by me. This was a feat I pulled off lol! I got a few of them.