Monday, October 28, 2013

Eating with Nino

My mommy gives me wet dog food. She tried to wean me off of it by mixing in dry food but no dice. I can pick around the dry food and leave it on the plate. And I do.

My mommy took a while to get it, but this is how I like my food - Wet food first. And she talks to me when I am eating! Why? I do not get the fuss. Just because I like to bring it over to the throw rug and eat it. It tastes better that way, doesn't she understand? Maybe if she tasted it.

And put leave my dry food bowldown! That I sneak and eat when you are not looking. That is why I put on 4 pounds.

And you still, when you catch me on the rare occasion I am really hungry, you shake your head. Don't you know the dry food only tastes good after I drop it in Daddy's slippers? I need that flavor. Thank goodness even in the summer Daddy leaves his slippers by the back door in the kitchen or I do not know where I would go with my dry food to eat it!

It tastes so good right fresh out of Daddy's slipper. Yum!

Mommy always seems surprised when I eat. Probably because I like to play games. One day I may not eat at all. The next day I am hungry all day long.

I like when she sits at the table while I eat. When she gets up she does not understand I am her guardian I have to see where she is going. But I am nosy too, do not tell anyone. If I had something to say I would say eat with me Mommy but don't look at me. And don't keep getting up and down while I am eating. And you can always give me whatever is on your plate :)


  1. I uploaded the pics. Now I have to put them in this configuration lol! I think everyone will fall in love with my Nino. We laugh so hard at the slipper thing. I piece at at time into the slipper for a millisecond, Then it is okay to eat lol!