Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nino-My Dog, My Friend, My Companion, My Confidant.

So we can all agree to a point that animals are very much like humans. My Nino takes it to a whole other level.

He was special from the day we got him.

We were planning for a Mini Schnauzer, like we had before. My mom called and said "I have a proposal for you"

My mom has a pet sitting business, mostly dogs. One day I needed a ride somewhere so I went back with her to feed her boss's dog and her boss's father's dog, that his daughter got for him because he had just lost his wife.

I remember everything about that day.

I went down a hallway. I hear whining and barking.

Mom and I walk in. Only one dog comes to greet us. Nino. My mom's boss's dog is named Bocci. Nino ran to get close to us then when I extended my hand ran away. And kept doing it like a game.

He went on the wee wee pad (that would soon be an old habit). My mom applauded him. Trying to give attention to both dogs was tough because Bocci was like a frightened mouse and Nino was a hyperactive kid on sugar.

My mom feed Bocci and Nino went to eat it. I held Nino so Bocci could eat.

Then Nino got fed.

Mom and I ate, much to the dislike of Nino, who, at my mother's command, sat in the tv room watching us intently at the dining room table.

My mother and I then started watching tv. From left to right on the couch was Bocci, Mom, Nino, Me. Mom announced she had to run out for something and could I handle both dogs. I said sure.

Well Nino took that time to come by me lay down belly up and lick the heck out of me while looking at me with a "How cute am?" look.

I tried to pet Bocci too but Nino would was not having any of that.

So mom eventually came back. She took me home.

I thought about Nino.

When I got that call, I was sure my husband would not want such a small dog (Nino is a mini poodle). My eyes filled with hope I asked if he remembered the dog my mom sat for. I said the father is not well enough to care for him and the daughter wants him to not go to a shelter. My husband, classic things that he says that I do not expect, instead of a NO I got a "Why not it's a free dog" We were planning on shelling out 2 grand for our Schnauzer. And we knew what my mom's boss had paid for this Mini Poodle purebreed.

Nino came two days later.

My mom had to stay because Nino did not know me. I think he remembered me though.

It was the end of the summer and it was hot. He got in a backyard and peed out there for the first time. He was so happy. He then hopped up and took his place on what would never be mine again, my lounge chair. Cushion and all.

We did not want him to overheat. We brought him in.

My mom stayed a few hours so Nino would not be too traumatized, then left.

Nino, as if trying to tell me how scared and unsure he was CLUNG to me. Just this little 5 pound ball of fuzz over my shoulder like a baby. So I sat on the rocking chair with him like that for a few hours. If I had to do anything, he came, carried. (Which still happens frequently). He cried a lot. I talked to him like I would a child. "Everything is going to be okay. Mommy loves you. What a good boy. You are safe" Yes I am sane!

When my husband came home, Nino did not acknowledge him for at least 2-3 weeks. I was mommy. I was it- Nino's whole world.

He was immediately in tuned to my disabilities and adjusted accordingly.

Nino lives in his own world and speaks his own language and I want this blog to share that with you.

I will give some more history. But for example, right now he is sleeping at my feet. I am on the bed. He hates the laptop. He often peeks around the corner with his eyes which seems to say "Why is this thing in my way of my mommy?", he puts his face on the keyboard, he steps across my keyboard, he licks my laptop. I am about to get up and go downstairs and this is going to be a project.

First he is asleep. He is used to being asleep at this time. He is going to get very excited that I am moving to begin with. He will follow me into the bathroom and wait.

It is too early for him to eat.

He will excitedly get his first ball, a drool-filled leopard ball that squeaks. We have a "fake" one that we use when we are washing this one. So he, not unlike a seal, will jump in the air and bounce it off his nose with hit banging off the wall. Me trying not to kill myself on where it will land.

He will run down the stairs before me running in circles. I can see it in his eyes "Is she going in the kitchen? Is she going on the tv room? Do I get to go on the couch? Are we going to play? Is she going to ditch the laptop?"

So I plan to watch tv a bit or read.

Trust me this dog does many things everyday that could fill a book.

Does he sound like an ordinary dog?

You do not know him well enough yet.

Remind me to tell you about intrusion on mommy time or daddy time. Good stuff.

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