Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Mommy is Sick

My Mommy is sick.

I know because of how much she is sleeping. My Mommy never sleeps. Plus she keeps drinking this blue liquid that, when I sniff her breath, I do not like what I smell. It is certainly no good food.

So instead of my usual busy schedule, I will just be sleeping with Mommy, making sure she is okay.

She has been asleep since 10pm last night. Except for the time she woke up at 3:30am. I had snuck into sleep with Daddy while Mommy was alseep. Daddy snores so he sleeps in another room from Mommy. I do not mind the snoring so much. I do not even mind fireworks. Mommy said that is unusual. But I am like no other dog. So I was with Daddy. Daddy has the big bed so all 7 pounds of me can stretch out good!! Mommy's bed, although big, is not big enough for me. So Mommy got up to use the bathroom at 3:30am. I followed her as I always do. Sometimes she is really tired and closes her eyes and I bark. Then she opens them. I know how long she is supposed to be in there. I have to really watch our for my mommy.

I came back to sleep with Mommy after that. But I was not ready to sleep, Mommy got a snack. I was hoping for some but this time, did not get even a nibble. It was cheese too. One of my favorites. But if it was a banana, that would have been a different story. I cannot even see a banana without freaking out. I will tell you about that another time. Mommy snacked and slept. She slept all morning and up until 1:30pm. I went to see Daddy because I had to go outside. And I was hungry. But Mommy needed me. So I just went back upstairs. She is asleep but I know she needs me, and I have to be on guard, and me being here makes her feel better. She has told me that it makes her feel better.

I followed Mommy down for a light breakfast, again none for me. Then she sat in the rocking chair I thought we were sitting downstairs which I love but she just turned on the television, and then pressed some buttons, then shut it off. I know that noise of the television shutting off and know that means we are done in that room.

So here I am back in bed with Mommy. She was on her laptop and I knew she needed me so I get in the small space between her and the computer and sit there. Mommy stops typing, and grabs me and gives me a big hug and a kiss and asks me what I am doing. Duh mom! I am taking care of you. I show her so by licking her wrist for a about 2 minutes. She just pets me while I give her get better kisses. Then I am suddenly tired. I take go to the foot of the bed by Mommy's feet and stretch out. Mommy will probably go back to sleep. I will bark later to wake her up when I am hungry.

I hope my Mommy gets better soon so we can play!

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