Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Almost Daddy's Vacation!

On the Mommy front, she is downstairs today but still not feeling well. I have to take good care of her. I am also editing for her today. (I am on the arm of the rocker while her laptop is on her lap). I keep getting elbowed but then I get kisses. I am just trying to be a good editor.

The OUTSIDE decorations are inside. It has been very windy out for a few days. My Mommy said to my Daddy that I may get blown away because I am so little. YIKES! I hope not. I know Mommy and Daddy watch me when they let me out.

Daddy said it is still going to be very windy and that the outside decorations will go up on Thursday the day before he is off for five weeks. And the inside decorations are almost done. Basically I have nowhere to lay there is so much Christmas stuff around!

So I told you already how Daddy being off messes up my schedule. Well I will do my usual and pretend it is just his regular days off for a few days. When it hits me he is home for 5 weeks, I will still be with Mommy 80% of the time. I never know about Mommy so I spend time with her.

But Mommy is very happy Daddy is off for 5 weeks and I know Daddy will be playing a lot of ball with me and tackling me a lot. And we will all go for a walk. And Mommy and Daddy do not go anywhere they may do something local so no Kennel for me. Gramma would watch me anyway if that were the case so either way, no kennel.

And a lot of people will be over the house over the next 5 weeks so that is a lot of love and petting. Especially my Nephew Logan who is 6. He loves to chase me and I love to be chased.

So I am getting ready but you can't tell for Christmas. Somebody has to take me to the pet store so I can buy gifts for everyone. I hope they don't wait to long. I hate last minute shopping.

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