Thursday, February 6, 2014

It Is February!

It is the month of love and kisses. I get so many kisses from my Mommy and Daddy all the time it is awesome. I am always cuddled and loved. Too bad I can't eat chocolate because I like it. No my Mommy or Daddy never gave it to me because you know dogs cannot have chocolate. But Mommy let me lick her fingers once after some Godiva and YUM!! I licked her fingers for a few minutes no kidding!

And this is a great winter. My first real winter. I love the snow and stay out and don't even realize how cold I am getting. I climb up on the snowbanks and sink in. Daddy had to save me a few times. I stick my nose right in the snow. Then I come in and Mommy has to grab me right away to clean me up and then I take off like I do after a bath and run around. I run around like a madman when I am wet. I do not know why. But it does helps me dry a little.

So while everyone is complaining about the snow, I am sitting here smiling and happy.

Mommy showed me Daddy's Valentine's Day card. Mainly because it is on the bed and I keep sniffing it. She had it specially made for Daddy. I do not want Daddy to see the card on this post so I will tell you about the card on 2/14.

Mommy has not been well again. So I am sitting with her and just being a good boy like I always am.

I am looking forward to more snow and then coming in and curling up in the blankets with Mommy or Daddy.

That is really all I have been up to. I am also happy because all the Christmas things are put away and I have my floor space and couches to jump on back.

It has been good since December.

Did I tell you I got bones, treats, a squeaky orange carrot and a multi-color monkey for Christmas? I was just playing with my carrot yesterday. I love all of my toys. I had the count last time I posted so you can add two to that. My favorite, which I have now, is my soft leopard ball. It looks like it will fall apart any minute but I know just how much to chew on it so I do not ruin it.

It is like my security blanket.

I hope everyone is well!

I go for a haircut next week. I need to I look like a little lion. I should post a picture. I will work on that.

Everyone be good! I hope to post some more.

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