Sunday, November 3, 2013

Football Sundays at My House

Football Sundays at my house are the best days ever! Mommy and Daddy pull the couch away from the wall (it is too far back even to see our big screen television) to push it closer to the television. And they sit side by side instead of one of them on the couch and one of them on the recliner. And there is plenty of room for me in the middle.

The activity stats early when Daddy leaves the house in the morning. Sometimes early, sometimes close to game time. I have heard Mommy and Daddy talk and Daddy goes over to Grandpa's house to help him out. I take the opportunity to sleep because I know it is going to be a big and fun day. I get tackled a lot!

So Daddy comes home, usually with food, which he puts away. I love to stick my nose in the bags while he is bringing them in from the car. I have to make sure there is nothing dangerous in there! When Daddy gets home, Mommy usually gets up. Sometimes she has breakfast, and sometimes not which is there is a knock on the door then some yummy food comes! That is a highlight of Football Sundays. Sometimes I get chicken, or a piece of pizza, maybe some deli meat. Little pieces of course. I will take anything. Sometimes I put the food on the couch and study it first. That usually draws cries of "Nino why are you doing that? Just eat it" I have to check it out good first before I eat it. I love french fries too!

There is a lot of yelling on Sundays. Some of the words I talked before about Mommy using when she trips over my toys- I recognize a lot of those words on Football Sunday.

Sometimes Mommy watches one game, sometimes two. But my Mommy gets tired. If I am really lucky she watches all three games. Mommy and Daddy on the couch with me in the middle, on a blanket, or sometimes I will sit with Mommy for a while and sometimes I will sit with Daddy for a while in their lap or squished up right next to them, but we are all together all day. That is the best part. If Mommy has to take a nap I go up with her but when she is asleep, I sneak down to see Daddy and sit in his lap.

If I am really lucky, later in the day someone knocks on the door again and more food comes.

I have looked at the television but I cannot figure out what is going on. Mommy says I am a Steelers dog because I am my fur is black. Daddy pointed out because of my white fur on my chest and paw, that I would be more of a Raiders dog. Mommy says Daddy is silly.

Mommy and Daddy leave the couch out. So anything watched on Monday is with all of us together. There is more football on Monday night.

It is exciting and tiring to be up all day. This is me at the end of Football Sunday. Daddy always tells Mommy to look at me and look at my eyes to see how tired I am. Because sometimes I pretend like I can still be up and play. But I come back with the ball to slow. They know.

I look forward to this all week. Mommy and Daddy have no idea how much. I wish every day was Football Sunday!!!

p.s.- Do not tell Daddy, I do like the Pittsburgh Steelers better!

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