Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Went Out To Meet The UPS Man!!!

Today there was a knock on the front door. Mommy and I were in bed upstairs at the time. I barked and ran down the stairs. Mommy followed behind me.

She scooted my back with her foot and opened the door.

HEY! The UPS Guy!!

I know him! Mommy always picks me up before she opens the front door. But today she did not. I guess she wanted me to get the package. So I ran out the front door and down the walkway to almost to the sidewalk when I heard my name being called by the UPS Guy. Why is he calling me? Then I heard Mommy call me....a few times....then she yelled "NINO STOP" and I froze on the spot.

She came down the front walk in her socks and scooped me up.

Then as we turned back toward the house, I saw it. WOW! What a big package!! I wonder what is in it!? Mommy let the UPS guy bring in the big heavy box. And then we both said goodbye to the UPS guy.

I sniffed the big box. Hmmm...definitely not food. But I sure would like to see what is in there. I love when the UPS guy comes because it puts Mommy in a good mood. Well Mommy is mostly always in a good mood but getting a package sure helps things out. And anything she gets I sniff and lick to make sure that it is okay for Mommy to have.

I kind of get the feeling I should not have run out the front door. But I would not have gone far. I promise! Maybe Mommy did not know that. The last time I ran out the side door, her AND Daddy told me stories of dogs who run out their door and down the street and are never heard from again.

But I get so excited when someone is at the door I forget!

All that excitement made me and Mommy tired so I am going to take a little nap now.

I cannot wait to see what is in that big box. I wonder if it is for me?

This is pretty close to how big it is. Maybe a bit wider.

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