Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Day Out

I was very busy on Monday, I went to the salon for a haircut!

I go about every six weeks or else I get very fuzzy.

It is great. Mommy and Daddy drop me off and I get to see all my human friends as well as my animal friends. I am a social dog so I get to be down on the floor with my other friends who are dogs. I get to play, I get to go for a walk, and my favorite part - I get a great bath!!!

It seems like I am there for hours, and I have to admit sometimes I worry that Mommy or Daddy will forget about to come back for me. But they never do. Mommy and Daddy were busy Monday so Grandma picked me up instead. I am always happy to see Grandma! She fed me and then I went right in my fuzzy blue bed. And I waited and waited. Then Mommy and Daddy came home!!!

It is a long tough day at the salon catching up with all my friends so when Mommy went right up to bed, I followed. Mommy was so tired, maybe she went to the salon Monday too! I went up to bed with her and curled up in a little ball and slept.

I smell really good and Mommy made a big fuss over me. Hopefully Tuesday will be more of a normal day.

I have a special fall leave bandanna on. I look and feel great!!

fall leaf photo: leaf fall-leaves.jpg

My bandanna looks like this picture. I am already excited about my next salon visit where I get my Christmas bandanna

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